Story of ThinkPink

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The pursuit of Think Pink 2 is being the most upscale and comfortable spa and nail shop in SoHo. This distinctive shop is located in the heart of SoHo - the area that used to be the leading design region in New York City. These days, high-end boutiques create new trends in SoHo, incorporating the artistic, historical environment.


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West village and 6th Ave in New York City has been the center of multi cultural groups for a long time.  We are located very close to the West Village and Bleecker Street, near the boutique shopping area in New York City.  We offer the best nail and spa services in this location, specializing in Eyelash extensions.

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The Lower East Side of New York City is rising as an artsy and young cultural region, and ThinkPink 3 is located in this area to offer hip styles to match that culture. Our services here stick with those trends, and sticks with ThinkPink’s signature of comfort and relaxation.